Javen Construction


Javen has a deep rooted history in the western New York construction industry. Its tradition and commitment to delivering superior quality has remained a priority for over 40 years. To celebrate achieving such an import milestone, Javen decided to reimage their brand.

Working with Buffalo Design Group, Javen hoped to create a new image that would honor their rich background yet prove their passion for innovation. The goal was to embrace Javen’s values and combine them with their mission in a visually engaging way. By promoting the merit of safety, quality, and integrity in a modern streamlined fashion, they were able to capture Javen’s clear-cut commitment to client satisfaction.

Unique, bold, and structured, Javen’s logo showcases their strength and stability. The letters rely on each other to pull together as a whole. They represent Javen’s philosophy of a building team consisting of owners, architects/engineers, subcontractors, and employees which all have critical roles in the success of a project.

Javen’s reputation of successfully delivering products of the highest standard will never change. Their skilled workmanship, superior quality, and honest approach will not become outdated and certainly not forgotten with a new look. It’s no wonder Javen Construction is ready now more than ever to prove they are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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