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Javen Construction Co., Inc., evaluates employment applicants based solely upon merit. We do not discriminate on the basis of labor affiliation, race, sex color, age, religion, marital status, national origin, disability or any other protected status.

We accept job applications when we expect to have jobs available. When openings become available, we reserve the right to review applications already on file prior to hiring. Applications remain active and on file for thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days, all applicant information will be considered inactive. It is the explicit responsibility of the applicant to reapply for employment as necessary.

Notice of employment openings will be posted at our discretion. Javen Construction Co. Inc. accepts applications in person at our main corporate office Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. or  via our on-line application at www.javen.com.

When applying in person, all applications must be completed at our office. No more than 3 applicants are allowed in the office to complete employment applications at one time.

Javen Construction Co., Inc., accepts only Javen Construction employment application forms. We do not accept group applications or photocopied forms.

Any applicant who falsifies or omits information on the application will be disqualified from being hired. If the employee has been hired before the falsification is discovered, he/she will be terminated from employment on that basis.

Use of photo, audio, or video equipment is strictly prohibited at our corporate office and on all jobsites, without prior written permission granted by the CEO of Javen Construction Co., Inc.

Javen Construction Co., Inc. bases our hiring decisions on a variety of factors, including skills and ability to perform the work, prior successful employment with us, employment references as to character and willingness to work, willingness to accept the offered wage, and personal interviews.

Full-time employees are expected to give their full time and attention to working for us, and if they cannot do so due to holding a second job, they will be terminated from employment.

Field employees may be required to work while wearing half-face respirators to comply with OSHA Standards. Therefore, job offers to field personnel may be contingent on the applicant being respirator certified.

Field employees must have successfully completed the 10-Hour OSHA safety course before staring employment with Javen Construction.

Javen Construction Co., Inc. is dedicated to the Merit Shop approach. All employees, regardless of the trade for which they were hired, are expected to perform any task assigned to them by their supervisor willingly and in a professional manner. Employees unwilling or unable to do so will be terminated from employment on that basis.